« It was a pleasure and an honour for me :-) »

Minuit. 22 degrés. Je suis accoudé au bar près de la piscine. Il est sous moi en train de me bouffer tranquillement les couilles et la queue. Pause cool. Bières, cigarettes. J’ai passé 2 soirées avec cet allemand rencontré aux Canaries. Même longueur d’onde. A mes pieds. Son regard attend l’ordre. Putain de langue et de gueule. (Vidéos prises à l’arrache et sans lumière pendant notre 2ème soirée). Bon je sais, le titre « It was a pleasure and an honour for me :-) » est un peu ronflant mais bon, c’est le dernier sms qu’il m’a envoyé, juste avant la mise en ligne du post.

Son « feeling »… « I have known the homepage of MasterNantes for several years and always enjoyed to watch his videos. Because there are 900km between Nantes and my German hometown, I always thought, that we never would meet, but when I read on the homepage that the Master stayed on Gran Canaria when I stayed there, too, I decided to contact him.
Not really thinking that he would answer or even wanted to meet me I sent him a message via Gayromeo. But, I was really surprised, he answered and wanted to meet me, so we made an appontment to met in the Bunker in Playa del Ingles. Some days later we met a second time in a gay only bungalow and crusing area.
But what to say about the Master and the two sessions: I really enjoyed beeing the bottom for this great Master. My nervousness was gone two or three minutes after having met him. Behind the strict Master he s a really friendly and dear man and I immediately felt that I can trust him, what was the right impression: after speaking about my limits he was caring about me and always had a look that nothing happend what I did not want to happen (it was a „public“ session) with anybody I did not like.
To say it again, it was a great feeling being dominated by him and a great honour for me that he elected me to be his bottom. He knows or feels what a bottom needs and with his natural authority he has many ideas to show the bottom his place.
But beside his dominance and authority he likes to drink one or more beers with his bottom after the session, being a nice and funny friend ».